Nicholas Sparks Disputes Anti-Gay Claims; Broadway Preps For Notebook – Deadline

notebook articleThe Paper Saver started in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015 with the easy goal to reduce paper waste. Digital planners and apps are handy and useful—till your telephone goes dead. Paper and pen don’t require any charging and are at all times prepared to use. Even if you use your cellphone or computer for many writing duties, it’s nice to keep a notebook available for when your digital units run out of juice.

And though I recognize the feel of a nice line black ink pen, most of my writing is done with Papermate sharpwriter #2 – an all the time sharp and disposable pencil that has an eraser. For people who must take notes rapidly, like throughout interviews for examples, then definitely take the time to be taught the Teeline technique. It’s a system of writing shorthand that’s taught to all UK journalists who must take notes on the go. … Read More