keyboard“Dead keys” permit placement of a diacritic mark, similar to an accent, on the next letter (e.g., the Compose key). Another scenario takes place with “national” layouts. Keyboards designed for typing in Spanish have some characters shifted, to launch the area for Ñ ñ; equally, those for Portuguese, French and other European languages may have a special key for the character Ç ç. The AZERTY structure is used in France, Belgium and a few neighbouring countries. It differs from the QWERTY structure in that the A and Q are swapped, the Z and W are swapped, and the M is moved from the proper of N to the proper of L (the place colon/semicolon is on a US keyboard).

Until “monoblocks” came alongside, GE’s “self-lubricating” Delrin was the one plastic materials for keyboard change plungers that could face up to the beating over tens of hundreds of thousands of cycles … Read More