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Notebook Article

Paper Sizes Explained

notebook articleThe Paper Saver began in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015 with the straightforward aim to reduce paper waste. Digital planners and apps are handy and helpful—till your telephone goes useless. Paper and pen don’t require any charging and are all the time prepared to use. Even if you use your cellphone or laptop for most writing duties, it’s nice to maintain a notebook readily available for when your digital units run out of juice.

They aren’t just for journaling, though they’re great for that, too. A notebook can be a repository for all the percentages and ends you need to remember, out of your month-to-month finances to your grocery listing to your record of all the nice restaurants you’ve visited or coffees you’ve loved drinking. Nor do you have to use it solely for writing. It’s additionally a great place on your sketches, doodles, and diagrams.

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