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Sonos’ first portable speaker is the $399 Move

speakerFor simply $150 (£a hundred and sixty, AU$200), you get a speaker that lasts all day, sounds great, can put up with every kind of abuse, and tops your telephone up in a pinch. Yes, there are better sounding audio system however you’ll need to spend much more money. It’s not good – it’s heavy as a byproduct of its unimaginable sound, it’s costly because of its rich characteristic set, and it sadly can’t be used as rear channels for a home cinema set-up. But if you’ve got the money, it’s hard to fault the Sonos Move when it comes to hunting down the very best Bluetooth speaker in the world. If you don’t have one already in your AV arsenal, a Bluetooth speaker is a must-personal piece of expertise.

Basic fashions are designed to put in vertically and are excellent for background music. Some are function-built for hidden house … Read More