Asus U36 thin and light notebook set to launch tomorrow

Asus U36 thin and light notebook set to launch tomorrow

Despite the launch not being until tomorrow, Asus’ new thin and light U36 notebook has already tipped up on the web, at least in Taiwan. An online retailer jumped the gun and unveiled the details of Asus’ 19mm thin notebook that still managed to cram in both a 35W CPU and a GeForce 310M discrete graphics card.


The notebook itself looks very slim, although it appears to have something of a bulge at the rear where the battery is located. Speaking of which, Asus claims that the U36 offers in excess of 10h worth of battery life. Considering that the U36 features an 8-cell 5600mAh battery, this isn’t as unreasonable as one may think, despite the full fat processor.

Only one model has made its way online and it comes with a Core i5 460M processor which has 3MB L3 cache and a default clock speed of 2.53GHz, but it will turbo up to 2.8GHz. This is paired up with the HM55 chipset, but for those that wants a little bit more graphics power than Intel’s HD graphics, it also has a GeForce 310M discrete graphics card with 1GB of DDR3 memory.

The U36 also supports Nvidia’s Optimus technology which allows it to switch between discrete and integrated graphics on the fly.

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