Microsoft Arc Touch review

Microsoft Arc Touch review

Today there are two major manufacturers of mice that are sold worldwide, namely Logitech and Microsoft. The two companies are competing with each other to see who can outdo who by coming up with the most innovative, feature rich or simply just unusual products. Today we’re taking a look at a rather unusual mouse from Microsoft, the Arc Touch, which is not like any mouse we’ve ever seen before.

We weren’t swayed by the original Microsoft Arc mouse, as it was more of a fashion and design statement than anything else and it’s not what we’d call the most comfortable or practical mouse in use. However, the Arc Touch is a different animal all together, as although it shares the arc shape, that’s about all it has in common with the original.

Microsoft has spent a fair bit of detail when it comes to the packaging which has a textured flat which can be opened to reveal the mouse hiding underneath a clear plastic window. Surprisingly the flat closes with the help of a magnetic lock, not something you expect to see on what ultimately is a cardboard box that most people won’t spend another second with once they’ve gotten the goods out of it. Still, it’s a nice touch and an impressive start.

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