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Technology Definition

Additive Manufacturing Definition: What is Additive Manufacturing?

technology definitionMonitoring health status, delivering wellness interventions, and offering alert and data providers are examples of how IoT is involved within the promotion of AHA [21]. Technologies which are used for AHA, such as pervasive computing [9], ambient assisted residing [10, 11], robotics [12], or severe video games [13], have been applied mainly to offer services within the properties of senior residents, but rarely they have been implemented in different environments, like transport techniques, public areas, and different environments within the city or rural surroundings of the consumer. It is precisely in these places the place AHA providers are most needed, as greater than half of the world’s inhabitants lives in cities, and this development is growing extra within the emerging nations and will continue during the following decades [14]. This truth, along with the ageing of the inhabitants, signifies that many of the inhabitants of the cities are getting older … Read More