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Modern Notebook

2young Modern thread bound A5 plain pocket book

modern notebook

So choose it up while supplies still last. With the synthetic paper it makes use of, the Everlast Notebook can be utilized over and over.

The Modern A5 pocket book has 24 plain sheets. This pocket book is compact and light-weight, so easy to hold all over the place. A should-have for observe taking, drawing and even doodling. Keep all your tools organized with our Notebook Folio which we launched on Kickstarter in 2016! Two cowl shade selections Matte Black and Crosshatch Grey.

A5 Travelers notebook cover with four elastic bands to carry at Least 6 inserts Custom dimension vegan journals & 20 colours and textures by BivioLab

Includes one notebook with your choice of canopy colour on the finish of the marketing campaign. One notebook together with your alternative of canopy color on the end of the marketing campaign. Rhodia pads function a coated card cowl which is completely … Read More