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future technologyThink huge to create an audacious future. Focusing on the large image, quite than a single tool or answer, may help leaders take the first steps toward creating the future of work.

Maximizing the potential of education know-how — and your students — begins here

However, the shortage of clearly identified and articulated work outcomes can lead to piecemeal, inefficient, and unproductive efforts. It bears repeating that business and expertise leaders should first outline new work outcomes—only then can they make determinations about transforming the workforce. The following concerns may help.

Developments in employment, revenue, and expertise

The future is now as excessive-risk and lengthy-time period research tasks are creating the innovations of the longer term. We bring you the Future Tech Week, an initiative of the European Innovation Council Pathfinder.

Over 90% of the world’s data has been created in just the last couple of years. The future is, … Read More