Are laptops more necessary than desks in Kenya’s colleges?

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Don’t keep passwords together with your laptop computer or in its case.

Indeed, Rockmore’s article and Trudeau’s comedian are literally latecomers to a prolonged laptop debate in academic circles—along with the Cornell study, right here’s another peer-reviewed examine from 2006, that argues that laptops pose “a significant distraction to both users and fellow college students,” and impede student efficiency. The case for a laptop computer-free classroom is indeed strong. Last week on The New Yorker’s website, Dartmouth professor Dan Rockmore wrote that he’s banned laptops for years, explaining that “any benefit that might be gained by having a machine at the ready, or available for the primary goal of taking notes, was negligible at finest” for his curriculum. What surprised him, although, was that almost all of his pc science department agreed. No computer systems in a CompSci class!

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